Travel information
The cruise boat will depart from Nizhny Novgorod at 09:00 am of July 20.
The boarding time is 7.00 am on July 20.
Special bus service will be available to transfer Symposium participants from the railway station to the boat at 6.30 am and 8.00 am on July 20.

in the central hall of the Railway station.

For the participants arriving in Nizhny Novgorod late at night the boat will be available for boarding starting at about midnight.

The participants arriving by Lufthansa at 1:30 am on July 20 will be met at the Nizhny Novgorod airport and transferred directly to the boat.
On the way back you will be able to stay on board till early morning of July 25 as the Lufthanza flight from Nizhny Novgorod to Frankfurt is 3.30 am.

Travel instructions for those who will travel independently.

The Railway station is located not far from the River station (‘Rechnoi Vokzal').
You may easily reach the River station by public transport. The bus stop is situated just across the street when you go from the Railway station. You need a bus or a route taxi as far as the stop ‘Rechnoi Vokzal' (numbers 2, 38, 43, 61). It costs 20 rubles and it takes 5-10 minutes to get to the River station. If you take a taxi, it will cost 200-250 rubles. We will be grateful to receive information concerning your travel schedule (when you arrive, number of flight/train).

Please, send us your requests and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Travelling to/from Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is situated 400 km north-east of Moscow on the banks of two great Russian rivers: the Volga and the Oka. One can get to Nizhny Novgorod either by direct/connecting flight or through Moscow using Russian railways.

Direct flight
Lufthansa is the most preferable direct international flight to Nizhny Novgorod. Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt (FRA) to Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ) are almost daily (see below the flight days and minimum prices from June, 09). The flight starts in Frankfurt at 21:00 and lands in Nizhny Novgorod at 01:30 next day (total flight time is 3h30’). The return flight starts at 03:30 and lands at 06:10.

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Connecting flights
There are three Russian companies working in this direction with about 6 flights per day. Most of
them are available for connection with international flights landing in Moscow.
Flights are available from Domodedovo airport DME (S7 airlines, 3-4 flights per week) and Sheremetevo airport SVO (Aeroflot, up to 6 flights per day).

Ground transportation
There are more than 10 trains from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod and back. They depart from different railway stations in Moscow and arrive at one station in Nizhny Novgorod.
The best way to get to railway stations is to take “aeroexpress” transit to the nearest railway station connected to subway station: Paveletskaya for transit from Domodedovo (DME) and Belorusskaya for transit from Sheremetyevo (SVO). Then using the brown subway (the 5-th, cycled) branch you will get to the needed railway station.
“Aeroexpress” transit costs 450 rubles, the map of Moscow subway (metro) can be found at

Russian railways provide ground transportation from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod.
You can book online tickets 45 days before the trip at
"MOSKVA KAZ" in the time table means Kazansky station (vokzal) in Moscow. The station is located at the metro station Komsomolskaya.
"MOSKVA YAR" means Yaroslavsky station (metro station Komsomolskaya).
"MOSKVA KUR" means Kursky station (metro station Kurskaya).
The travel time from the airport to the railway station is from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on your fortune and navigation skills.


If you are planning to stay in Nizhny Novgorod some time before or after the symposium you will need to reserve a hotel.
There are quite a few good hotels in our city, you can find them at
We usually recommend to our guests accommodation in the following hotels located in the center of the city:

Hotel “Oktyabrskaya”
situated at the beautiful Volga embankment
9a Verkhne-Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya
tel: +7 (831) 4328080

Hotel “Diplomat”
26 Bolshaya Pecherskaya Street
tel:+7 (831) 435-25-45
The Organizers have a discount in this hotel:
If you are interested in reserving accommodation in this hotel, please contact Svetlana Orlovskaya at
tel: +7(831) 436 37 92

Hotel “IBIS Nizhny Novgorod”
115 Gorky Street
Tel: +7(831) 2331120

Marins Park Hotel
12 Sovetskaya Str.
one of the biggest hotels of the city located in Lenin square, that is a convenient road junction,
with the Nizhny Novgorod fair less than 100 meters from the hotel.
The railway station is about 300 meters from the hotel, the river boat station is three bus stops from the hotel
tel: +7 (831) 277 55 00, 277 56 00, 277 58 02
fax +7 (831) 277 55 66, 277 59 34