Travel Information

The cruise boat will depart at 20:00 of July 16 from terminal No. 2 or 3 of the St.-Petersburg River Port.
Registration on board the boat will start at 12:00.
Please be advised to board the boat by 19:00.

River passenger terminal (= Rechnoy vokzal = Речной вокзал)

Address of “River passenger terminal”: 195 Obukhovskoy Oborony Pr., not far (ten minutes walk) from the metro station "Proletarskaya"

On July 16 transfer to the boat "Georgy Zhukov" will be organized as follows:
A minibus from metro station "Proletarskaya" to the boat will be available from 12:00 am to 19:00.
Please look for the poster with the symposium logotype and title.

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We kindly advise everyone to use licensed taxi services wherever possible, since public transportation services in Saint Petersburg are usually too overcrowded to travel with luggage. If you are unfamiliar with Russian language, please also be aware that most station names and street signs in Saint Petersburg are in Cyrillic alphabet, while drivers and ticket-service personnel usually have poor English-speaking skills. Please remember that taxi service accepts only rubles so you will need to visit the exchange office before the trip. If you wish to pay for the taxi by a credit card, you should ask the taxi service desk about such possibility, since most drivers don't have card terminals at their cars.
Traffic is usually quite heavy in the city, so plan on about two hours minimum for your each ground trip during the day. At night the city is divided in two by Neva river; all the main bridges are drawn up to allow for boat traffic. Remember to make it to your side of the river in time; otherwise, you could find yourself stuck on the wrong side until early morning.
Licensed taxi service in Saint Petersburg:

1 From “Pulkovo International Airport (=Pulkovo-2 terminal = Аэропорт Пулково-2 )”
or “Pulkovo Domestic Airport (=Pulkovo-1 terminal = Аэропорт Пулково-1)”

In “Pulkovo International Airport” or Pulkovo Domestic Airport find taxi booking desks. Regular fair to «River passenger terminal» is 710 Rubles. Look for multiple currency exchange offices and cash machines if necessary.

2 From “Moskovskiy Railway Station Terminal (=Moskovskiy Vokzal=Московский Вокзал)”
Proceed from your train into the terminal main building, taxi booking desk will be situated to your right. Regular fair to «River passenger terminal (= Rechnoy vokzal = Речной вокзал)» is 600 Rubles.

3  From your hotel:
Call +7(812)6000000 or +7(812) 324-7777 from domestic phone, ask for English-speaking operator. Be sure to specify your current destination/address and target destination/address (use “Rechnoy vokzal” terms for “River passenger terminal”). The operator will take the order, and then calls you back to tell you the license plate number and color/model of the taxi that will meet you. They will also tell you the fare in advance, so there is no need to haggle.
In emergency cases (stuck in the middle of nowhere and do not know what to do issue) you may call Pavel Subochev at +7(904)3997916 and ask him for assistance with your taxi order.

Public transportation services:
The center of the city is connected with the “River passenger terminal” by green direct metró (subway) line : one can start at the metro stations Nevsky Prospekt, Gostinyi Dvor, Moscow Railway Station and go as far as Proletarskaya metro station.
The trains are fast and run frequently. Since 2011, single metro trip costs 25 rubles per entry regardless of the distance. Brass tokens (=zheton =жетон) can be purchased from kiosks at station entrances and vending machines, and it is good to stock up in advance, since queues can be long and stations occasionally even run out of tokens.
Metro maps can be found in every train car and always have station names in the Latin alphabet. Since 2010, most of the wall signs are translated into English at central stations. Names on other station walls, however, might be in Cyrillic alphabet, so if you are unfamiliar with the language, it may make sense to "count the stops" to your destination or keep your ears open for the conductor will let you know what station you are on. The Saint Petersburg metro can be unbelievably crowded during rush hour. Traveling during this time is a risky kind of sport and one should avoid unnecessary journeys if not used to big crowds. Be aware of your belongings and you have to push when you arrive at your stop.

From Airport
There is no direct bus or metro service from the St.Petersburg Pulkovo Airport to the River passenger terminal, so you need to use bus to connect to nearest metro station Moskovskaya.
Domestic, CIS, and some international flights. Location - 18 km from the city center. 
39 Bus (airport - Moskovskaya metro station); or charter taxi services (airport - Moskovskaya metro station). Moskovskaya metro station – Proretarskaya metro station.
International flights. Location - 17 km from the city center. 
13 Bus (airport - Moskovskaya metro station). Charter taxi services (airport - Moskovskaya metro station). Moskovskaya metro station – Proretarskaya metro station.

Travel to St.Petersburg and back home
One can get to St.Petersburg by air or rail. The St.Petersburg International Airport is served by many air companies. At the end of the cruise, the arrival at Nizhny Novgorod is scheduled for 15:00 of July 22. There are several ways to get to the place of your destination from Nizhny Novgorod.
1. The Nizhny Novgorod International Airport is served by Lufthansa ( with the departure at 03.35. The participants departing from NN by Lufthanza will be able to stay on board till early morning of July 23 and will be transferred to the airport in due time.
2. From Nizhny Novgorod to St.Petersburg by train and then from St.Petersburg to the place of your destination. There are two NN-SP daily trains: departure from NN at 15:15, arrival at SP 23:15; departure from NN at 18:20, arrival at SP 09:59 next morning.
3. From Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow by train and then from Moscow to your destination. A train journey between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod takes 5 to 8 hours. Several day-time and overnight trains are available. All participants are advised to inform the Organizing Committee about their travel itineraries. The Organizing Committee will undertake to provide reasonable travel assistance to the participants. Local transportation will be organized in Nizhny Novgorod. Information about local transportation in St.Petersburg will be provided later.
Air and/or train tickets can be bought on-line at:
Please remember that train tickets can be bought not earlier than 45 days before the needed date.

If you are planning to stay in St.Petersburg some time before the conference you will need to reserve a hotel. The Organizing Committee can recommend the following hotels located in the city center:
Two hotels which belong to Nevsky Hotel Group located in the city center, close to Nevsky Avenue and main city sights of interest. The site of Nevsky Hotel Group       +7 (812) 703 38 60

1. Nevsky Express Hotel
93, Nevsky prospekt, St. Petersburg)

2. Nevsky Central Hotel
90-92, Nevsky prospekt, St. Petersburg

3. Hotel Kronverk
St. Petersburg, 9 Blokhina street, +7 (812) 703-3663
Standard Single (Double): 3980Rub (4280 Rub)
Lux Single (Double): 5800 Rub (6180 Rub)
Apartments Single (Double) 7720 Rub (8020 Rub)
Transfer to/from Pulkovo Airport: 1100 Rub (by car)  - 1600 Rub (by minivan)
Transfer to/from Railway Station:  500 Rub (by car) – 800 Rub (by minivan)

4. Mini-Hotel Europe Nouvelle
St. Petersburg, 23/6 Mayakovskaya street, +7 (812) 272-2152
Standard Single (Double):  2800 Rub (4100 Rub)
Lux (Double): 5350 Rub (5350 Rub)
Standard Economy Single (Double): 2100 Rub (2100 Rub)
Transfer to/from Pulkovo Airport: 1000 Rub (by car)
Transfer to/from Railway Station: 400 Rub (by car)

5. Hotel Tridsat’ Tri Udovol’stviya
Address line in Russian: ulitsa Vosstaniya, dom  36, kod 33.
Address line in English: 36 Vosstaniya str., dial "33" code to get in.
+7 (812) 272-5408
Standard Single (Double):  3500 Rub (3800 Rub)
Transfer to/from Pulkovo Airport: 1000 Rub (by car)
Transfer to/from Railway Station: 350 Rub (by car)

6. Hotel A’Liva
Address line in Russian: metro “Ploshad’ Vosstaniya”,  ulitsa “Pervaya Sovietskaya”, stroyenie#12, podjezd #1,  kvartira#33
Address line in English: subway station “Ploshad’ Vosstaniya”, 1st  Sovietskaya  str., building #12, access#1, apartment #33, (dial “33В” code to get in).
+7 (812) 715-41-61
Single: 4000, Double 4500, breakfast included
Transfer to/from Pulkovo Airport: 1300 Rub (by car)
Transfer to/from Railway Station:  10 minutes walk

For those who stay in Nizhny Novgorod after the conference we usually recommend accomodation in the following hotels located in the center of the city:

Hotel "Oktyabrskaya"
situated at the beautiful high Volga embankment,
accomodation in "Oktyabrskaya" hotel, breakfast and fitness-center included:
Single - 4000-5000 Rbls 
Double - 4900-6100 Rbls
Luxury - 8000-11200 Rbls
tel: +7 (831) 4328080

Hotel "Alexandrovsky Garden"
3 Georgievsky Sjezd,
Located on the bank of the Volga river.
It is the best four star hotel in Nizhny Novgorod,
the only drawback is poor transport at the site, breakfast and fitness-center with sauna included.
Accommodation rates:
Single - 6340-11840 Rbls
Double - 8100-11840 Rbls
Superior suite - 24000 Rbls
Tel: +7 (831) 2778141    

Hotel “IBIS Nizhny Novgorod”
Located at the city center, this hotel belongs to hotel group Ibis and represents 3-star European standard. Breakfast 350 Rbls.
Single – 2175-2500 Rbls
Double – 2175-2500  Rbls
Tel: +7(831) 2331120

A more economic, small hotel is
"Monarh" located in the historical centre of
Nizhny Novgorod close to the Kremlin, breakfast included:
Accommodation rates:
Single - 2700-2900 Rbls 
Double - 3770-4400 Rbls 
Tel: +7 (831) 4196563    

Hotel “Central”
one of the biggest hotels of the city
located in Lenin square, that is a convenient road junction,
with the Nizhny Novgorod fair less than 100 metres from the holel.
The railway station is about 300 metres from the hotel, breakfast included.
Accommodation rates:
Single - 2500-3500 Rbls 3500-4500,
10% discount when booking from the website
tel: +7 (831) 277 55 00, 277 56 00, 277 58 02
fax +7 (831) 277 55 66, 277 59 34

You may also use the web site for hotels in different Russian cities

Official currency in Russia is RUBLE. Approximate exchange rate is 1 Euro = 40 Rubles, 1 US Dollar = 28 Rubles. Please be sure that you have enough Russian currency BEFORE you get on the boat. During the conference route there hardly will be a chance to make exchange until we finish in Nizhny Novgorod. You may need Rubles to pay for a taxi to the boat, to purchase souvenirs in St. Petersburg and on the route, and to visit cafes and bars at the boat. The large hotels in St. Petersburg with English speaking personnel as well as the restaurants usually accept credit cards.
The safest way to exchange your currency into rubles is at the Pulkovo Airport. However, the exchange rate there can be a bit worse than an average rate. The advantage is, the exchange offices in the airport accept larger variance of currencies, not only Euro and US dollars. Some exchange offices in the airport represent large Russian banks. The most reliable is Sberbank, but it usually offers the worst exchange rate. You can also find exchange booths at the bank offices in the city, however, on Saturday they may be closed.
Another way to get rubles is from cash machines which can be easily approached at the airport, in large shopping centers, hotels and bank offices. Please be aware of the commission on such transactions with your bank card.