Conference Topics
Optical Bioimaging
  • Coherence domain optical methods and optical coherence tomography
  • Optical diffuse tomography
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Biomedical spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Multiphoton microscopy in the biomedical sciences
  • Photoacoustic imaging  


  • Nano-optical tools and methods for biophotonics and biomedical optics
  • Nanosurgery and cell manipulation
  • Ultrahigh-resolution optical microscopy
  • Quantum-dot structures for biomedical applications
  • Plasmonics in biomedical applications
  • Optical probes in molecular imaging, sensing and therapy
  • Single molecule detection
  • Biphotonics in regenerative medicine
  • Modeling in developmental and regenerative systems biology

Neuroimaging and Neurodynamics

  • Optogenetics
  • Ca2+ and voltage-sensitive dyes
  • Two-photon imaging of neurons and astrocytes
  • Multielectrode array analysis of neurodynamics
  • Superresolution microscopy of synaptic dynamics
  • Communication beyond the synaptic cleft
  • Neuron-astrocyte-extracellular matrix communication
  • Computational models of neural plasticity in brain networks 

Advanced Lasers in Biomedicine

  • New developments in PDT
  • Modern trends in laser surgery
  • Tissue engineering
  • Prospective applications of high-intensity lasers

German-Russian Workshop "Clinical Biophotonics"

  • Biophotonics for medical diagnostics
  • Biophotonics for medical treatment